Just Genius or Just Trash?

Kurt Cobain by Jesse Frohman 1994

Kurt Cobain by Jesse Frohman 1994

Cheers, literal internet-explorer (because excessive gallantry aside; how have you stumbled here?) Have you marvelled enough at the afore-depicted picture of Kurt Cobain? To him and not only him is due a sudden revelation. Within the crevice of the jean I purposefully ripped yesterday, lies a fascinating concept, one I’ve subconsciously set up a cult for in my closet (not-metaphorically.) At hand, and yet to be revealed, albeit not new at all, is a fundamental concept I woe to radically follow. Providentially, I was not alone in my philosophies, and my partner in crime was as eager to share our disposition as was I.
What we covet to broadcast, in a most minimalistic, thorough way we can muster, is a conviction of not only style (or fashion, if you may,) nor only music, art, lifestyle. Through trial and error and a divine intervention of discovering Patti Smith, we’ve accumulated somewhat of a directory for the still intriguingly secretive concept, and here it is.
Genius Trash.
What’s so glorious about an eternal bed-head? Where’s the elegance in dirty converse? Why’s Ginsberg a God? (Because it says so on a five-hundred dollar Bella Freud sweater.)
Everything settles into a concept of imperfection, effortlessness and intellectualism. A Neo-Renaissance by means of sunglasses indoors, music and poetry.
Overwhelmed as we were with all this cultural vomit, a rad idea struck us up, and Genius Trash was born.
The Genius Trash is a synergy of fashion, culture, music, art, literature and travel, a blue print of a way of thinking and living.

We appreciate all your support! For any questions address this email: thegeniustrashblog@gmail.com 

– Authors


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