The Evolution Of Rock


Recently, I have questioned myself: “How does music evolve in our world?”


As you may have predicted, the talking is going to be about rock style music because no other music gives me the unforgettable goose bumps and horrific vibes.

(Sorry, just making it straight forward for you all and clear in a politest way as possible and reducing the bitter bitchiness).


Various bands and artists started off with folk songs while gradually bring smooth electric guitars with first Orange, Meca or Marshall amplifiers started to exist and be available for purchase. We balance now through a tremendous variety of rock styles like: indie rock, nu-metal, metal (Metalcore)/ Deathcore, alternative rock, folk rock, post-hardcore, bubblegum rock and psychedelic rock for those junkies which feel like getting high without using drugs, which might seem healthy, but totally not for your own mind (If you are not tough enough )

(If you don’t want to end up an vegetable in the end, telling stories to people like you travelled different dimensions without giving them excess and while sharing loosing your friends because you literally become a weirdo because you can’t explain why does it make you high. But the message, which I am trying to bring across to you all who support the rock generation, is that we are unique and we should deserve respect throughout everybody. The reason rock music is so demanding from old-fashioned bands to new modern bands is because everything has started from this style. (In specifics: A guitar, a pair of drums and some synthesizer). Modern pop artists and rock bands use the base of these instruments with basic mainstream cords and produce masterpieces. This is where a small bit of “thanks” greeting is credited to outstanding bands like: Metallica, Nirvana and Guns ‘n’ roses which inspire new bands to come up like: Green Day, Muse and placebo. (They’ve been on stage for 20 years but they are still young artists, who progress work to motivate “new born” bands and styles of rock).




The specific changes, which modern bands started to pursue is repeating same melodies and tunes over and other and then labeling it to a specific style which is to their sympathy. Audience forgets about the one and only singles and just expects constantly new mass-market production. But wait? Is this really about expectations? I confess we do not decide to follow that road and still experience the unique tunes, which take years to become labeled. I can personally reference Foo Fighters with their new album “Sonic Highways” which took 6 years to produce but never missed my expectations.



Lighters and audience – through camera (Remember the times when everybody lighted up lighters on Green day concerts, used polaroid papers to capture one moments from a unique “ once in a life time opportunity” concert which was hard because the paper was dramatically expensive and you had one chance to capture and keep that moment. In our days, audience prefers to use flashlights for the melodic and calming songs and use professional mega-tooled cameras and show off the quality of the 500 millions same photos of the same artists taken over social media thinking they are unique which contradicts with everyone else because too many other people do the same thing and this becomes mainstream rather than memorable. Majority of people don’t go to concerts anymore to physically see their idols on stage, they go for the rave, which truly disgraces the amount of effort and time the artists made your heart beat pulse twice more than your usual.



So to sum up guys, bring back the legends and music culture and respect the one-in-a-kind activities bands do for you to gain a seek of passion in your eyes while, performing for you.



Karyna Panda


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