NYFW: Yeezy Season 2

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 16.11.45

Kanye is great.

I could elaborate about that, but not now. Its still fashion month, everything is about fashion. Focus. But back to Kanye, not in an old-spice-commercial way.

His Yeezy season 2 collection fetched a spectrum of reaction, ranging from “What the fuck?” to “Fucking great” and, if it wasn’t so transparently evident, I’d mention that my reaction was more on the positive side of the spectrum.

“Dazed” had a very insightful deconstruction of the show itself, specifically the unique routine the models followed, and the drill sergeant barking orders at them.

So as to touch down properly on the matter of the message Kanye was transmitting, whether through performance or jacket, I have to say its all very up-to-your-interpretation, as Kanye didn’t elaborate. That leaves us with an open ending, and so we have to expand upon that which we were presented with.

The gradient from light-skinned models with platinum-blonde hair to tanner, brunette models to darker models was prominent and more so pronounced due to the similarly hued outfits. Bold statement alone, but “Dazed” pointed out that during the military-inspired sequence, the lighter-skinned models (who were up front) followed orders without resistance, and, once again, gradually, other models fell into line-up in a more disorderly fashion.

The collection, in its utilitarian garbs, was not only in a tone very “in” right now (Rag & Bone’s menswear SS16 had a similar, urban vibe) but also very valid to social issues today, and I am all for clothing with a point to it.

In regard to the actual, um, style, I very much enjoy the Mad Max couture.

With respect to Star Wars, I prefer Star Trek, hence, I wasn’t much in on the Jedi joke, but I’d like to point out that Kanye’s collections so far have been nothing but pleasant colours and comfort. Big coats, hooded jackets, boots, what’s not to love? It was very All Saints meets Acne Studios (or Wang.)

As someone with a most dichotomous wardrobe (where studded boots are toe-to-toe with ballet flats,) I loved the beige hood and long auburn coat combo and the oversized peach jacket, and was very partial to the general colour palette (urban and nude and totally rad.) As a side-note, these are all impeccable gym-gear colours, I tell you, in a very FYI fashion.

But most importantly, if you didn’t like it, well, Kanye doesn’t give a shit. The end.

– Alice Pylypenko



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