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Freshly off a plane from Ukraine and after courses, I change and run out the door, jumping around in failing attempts to tug my boots on, which tie, zip and lock like shackles around the ankles (very fetching shackles, at that.) People in the underground pay no mind to a bizarrely-dressed me, because in all my over-stimulated, patriotic glory, I down a custom, traditional Ukrainian dress. And studded boots. Yes. To me, I look very fucking rad, walking my way to the general area of Highline and Chelsea Market.

That was a Thursday, last day of New York fashion week, and I was on a lonely hunt for exquisitely dressed characters and hoards of street style photographers.
As it is, everyone was already off to Ziegfeld Theatre, for the Marc Jacobs premiere.
My feet were tired, I got sashimi at Chelsea Market, and by night, went home to watch online reruns of shows. It was hectic, it was lovely, everyones tired but happy.
 – Alice Pylypenko

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