The #LFWEND Experience


I realised, after I experienced my first visit to The London Fashion weekend, that this is never going to be my last. Absolutely breathtaking entertainment fashion centre, rather than just a art gallery used as a building for renting catwalk shows. When you arrive at the Saatchi Gallery on Sloane Square every bit outside feels like a real red carpet runway show. Fashion bloggers, models, photographers as well as regular visitors enjoying themselves equally while taking selfies, working and at the same time actually, lively rejoicing the show and entertainment  provided for the visitors. You are welcomely greeted to take as much photos as you like anywhere and advertise your experience however you want to, in fact, you get various credits from the organisers including free gifts, publicity and tote bags made by Mary Katrantzou exclusively for the fashion show. (In terms of publicity I meant professional bloggers and photographers recording your complete statement outfits on camera and sharing it to the world). You have 4 different showrooms which present unique and trending young British, French and Italian designers which applied as guests to try and promote themselves. All the fashion pieces are gorgeous and present in front of you a reasonable price and advance, high quality work of the clothing. Mostly using simply natural materials and fabrics like: Cotton, Silk, Lyon. You consider that is the end?

Hell, No!

There are 5 make-up stations presented by Maybeline New York cosmetics and Toni & Guy hair services located all around the gallery. So you can basically get cheaply and efficient styling and secretly crawl into the backstage and pretend you as a model, In all seriousness this is the validity of the services provided.

To conclude, after you are done entertaining yourself like a bourgeoisie you get to experience famous designer and trend (mixed lower class brands) catwalk shows and take over the places of fashion critics and designers which always get to sit at the front row.

The most pleasurable feature that the London fashion weekend uses is revolving the fashion experience around you unlike London Fashion week revolves itself about business.

(Which i will be soon reviewing)

Stay tuned,

all the best guys,

Karina Panda

DSCN1678 DSCN1679 DSCN1680

DSCN1681 DSCN1683DSCN1692DSCN1706DSCN1688

DSCN1684 DSCN1703


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