Hallelujah To Marylin!

19th November, 2015 at the Apollo Eventim Hammersmith, London, UK

image copy

If you a massive fan of unforgettable moshpits, than this concert is definitely a one of a kind for you to visit. At first, I was questioning myself of whether to waste this immense amount of my finances, since they are limited, but actually immediately after the concert I audio messaged Alice and told her that I do not regret a single pence spend on this event. The sound of the speakers were blowing my eardrums off, the quality and clearness of the sound was so perfect it harmonised with Marylin’s voice in one tune. Another benefit was because i was standing right near the stage, I thought the music would wave out the basses and the recording of the concert would noise cancel out his voice, but peculiarly it was more than high quality. All the crowd was joined as one interacting with each other, without even knowing each other singing along to Marylin. He made a real show, by starting off as a person that has died in a hospital till the last heart beat and then transformed into believe in the devil, which obviously corollated with his new album the “Pale Emperor”. Also another remarkable observation I made was that he changed his appearance nearly in every song either by wearing a hat, taking off his coat, or wearing extraordinary shirts and make-up to always fascinate his public. This is definitely one of the best events, not even concerts i’ve been to, I hope you share my excitement and happiness with others.

Have a great start of the following week guys,

Karina Panda.


Marylin Manson supported and showed respect to the people who got affected by the Paris attack while the audience was anticipating to see the start of the show, everyone was joyed to see the flag come up.

image copy 2

Excuse the poor quality of pictures take with my phone, but dismally my phone’s storage was nearly full and it was running low on battery. I am seriously ashamed of myself alright, no need to read this and continue to proclaim about how “shit are these pics”.


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