PDSD From 2015 and Pro-2016

A warm welcome to all you mofos!

I am finally back in the rainy and melancholic London.

First, I want to sincerely apologize for the severe delays with posting in general. I don’t want to do any self-justification, but exams do take their time and energy.

Anyway, today’s post will be a belated proclamation, on remembering the nostalgic year of 2015, with a dash of “New Year’s Resolutions of 2016,” as modern society expresses the making of achievable goals for stable living.

Let’s state the obvious and all agree that 2015 was a bit of everything.

For me, it brought personal distress of (situational) challenges with my relationships (with the closest people for example,) and evidently that was not the full telos here. I say situational, because they actually are situational, but as you may already have predicted; for me at that time, they were global. Yes, I solemnly admit, I did loose a couple of relationships with certain human beings, but you know, my age underlines as the age where you just about actually start living. Personally, I’m fully with people who say that.

Maybe I will sound like very much of a cliché, but 2015 was one of the most memorable years of my so-far short life. I have gained so much experience in all aspects of self-refinement one could ever imagine (e.g. mixing best outfit trends as well as making a small amelioration of my personal style, having full conscience of my activities and the relationships, and maintaining a confident appearance. Moreover, no longer being anxious about expressing all parts of my culture is very seductive (in a rational and pleasant way,) and really valuing my health so I could maintain all the natural beauty I have and not disappoint my parents in any way.

This year, so many ambiguities await me, I’m positive about it. I now have too much will power to get held back my past or disruptive and fluctuating people, no matter how much I still have for them and how much of it I still wish to express. As I say: “It doesn’t get easier, you just get better.” In a sense, you get a better moral perception of the events that will occur this year, and instead of developing depression from them, you create rational beliefs and just continue living with self-actualization of any thoughts you process.

Down here, you will find a mini slideshow of some of best memories I got from the past 2015 and petite spoilers of the events that are awaiting me personally, and Alice as well.

Have a great and fulfilling Friday everyone!

– Karina Panda

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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